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The long standing ‘Parivartan’ project in association with the Population Foundation of India for Reproductive and Child Health Activities cover 60 villages in Rajasthan. The extensive outreach program is provided through mobile clinics and since 2004, 2 lacs patients have been benefited. During the year, 529 clinics for the purpose were held. It is a matter of great satisfaction that the child mortality rate has significantly declined over the years in the areas of the project operation. To address the rapidly escalating eye diseases in the Mewar Region, particularly in Rajsamand District, expert eye care has been extended to provide relief.

Eye Care has also been extended at Banmore in association with the “Kareh Dham Ashram” during the year and about 550 eye operations were successfully conducted. In addition, free medical checkup camps were organized in the villages in the vicinity of all our plants in various States. Truckers and their helpers continue to be vulnerable to HIV and AIDS. The effort to create awareness of preventive measures has been pursued over the years, in association with a NGO. A number of clinics have been supported by JK Tyre on high density traffic locations and over 1.75 lacs people have availed of the facility. JK Tyre continues to fully fund two “JEEVAN KIRAN” clinics at transport Nagar Jaipur and other at Shahpura on NH-8 which have seen footfalls of over 16,000 people. Internalising the awareness of Prevention of HIV/ AIDS has received equal focus. In collaboration with the International Labour Organization, awareness programs for employees and truck drivers visiting plants have been conducted. Till date more than 12,000 employees and 2,000 truck drivers have been covered under such programs.

Clean Drinking water and sanitation are basic necessities for health. In the vicinity of Chennai Tyre Plant water bodies have been desilted and cleaned, and drinking water made available for the villagers. In the peak summer season when there is acute water shortage, with more than 20 tankers per day water is supplied to villages near Mysore. In addition water huts are also maintained for public use at various locations. At Kankroli ‘Sulabh Sochalayas’ have been constructed in 5 villages. In the National Capital Region of Delhi, many economically deprived citizens have availed of high end medical care at JK Tyre co-promoted super specialty hospital “Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute for Liver, Renal & Digestive Diseases”.